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Pyrite Ideas is a marketing agency formed on a bedrock of practical client-side experience. We believe in digging deep on strategy and taking a multi-faceted, user-first approach.

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Brotherhoods are last century. Unions are moving into the twenty-first century by embracing technology and re-examining how they communicate with members.
The pressure to gain athletes’ time, energy, and attention is driving organized sports from a casual pastime into a competitive business.
In the knowledge economy, training and education must move at the speed of technology with messages that breakthrough to the student.
First-hand experiences are impactful. And expensive. To stay competitive away from the office, businesses need the most efficient event strategies.
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Determine who you are and what your niche what industry. How will you stand out from others and still be true to yourself?
Shakespeare was wrong. It is ALL in the name. Pyrite Ideas created a 9-point identity generation framework for naming your new company or product.
This is the fun part - deciding what to do: Email? Direct mail? Search Marketing? ...and where to do it Online? Offline? ...and then designing what it will look and sound like.
Project Management
There’s the planning. And then there’s the doing. Pyrite can oversee projects, email campaigns, social media channels. Anything you can’t- or don’t want to- monitor.

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Tom Hansen
Pyrite Ideas brings a fresh look to our business with new ideas that we can’t always see. That outside view is a valuable asset for me and our company and it comes with honest feedback to help guide us in our decision making.
— Owner, Pipe Trade Careers
Melissa Anderson
Melissa is one of the hardest co-workers I have had the pleasure of working with and perhaps THE most creative and innovative individual on the planet. She is a committed and dedicated employee, who can write quickly and without error, and is always guided by a keen understanding of the overarching business strategy behind each project.
— Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at The College of Wooster
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